Who is Biologo Nutrizionista?

Biologo nutrizionista (Nutritionist) is a health services professional who provides expertise and consultation to individual client. Nutritionists help their clients make healthy and positive nutritional choices. In Italy, if you want to become a nutritionist, you should have at least a five-year degree in life sciences and have attended courses, master or specialization in nutrition.

Italian law allows the Biologo nutrizionista to develop optimal diets. These diets can be directed to all users in physiological conditions. If the customer is assumed to be suffering from some disease and would like biologist tips to cure it, the biologist will return to the doctor to ascertain, with its expertise, if the subject is suffering from some disease and only after this declaration can determine and develop a diet that allows, together with the drugs recommended by the doctor, the recovery of the state of well-being.

(From official web siteĀ www.onb.it)

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