Physical activity

While increasing the knowledge that one active lifestyle and regular physical activity have protective effect against cancer, and the other against the populations of the industrialized countries are becoming increasingly sedentary.
In particular, a sedentary lifestyle can be a cause of the occurrence of some forms of cancer specific as breast cancer and colon cancer.

In general it is recommended to maintain a moderately active life, walking briskly at least 30 minutes every day. If well trained and in the absence of other physical problems can be increased to 60 minutes or more ‘of moderate activity’ physical every day. Or you can go to practice a sport or a job more challenging. Should instead be limited activities’ sedentary as watching TV. Time spent watching television and use the car for trips are the main factors that promote a sedentary lifestyle in the population today.

Some useful tips to move around without thinking:

• take the stairs instead of taking the elevator
• choose to walk or ride a bike instead of taking the car
• outputs for a walk during your lunch break
• If you work in a large office, move to talk with colleagues instead
• to send them an email
• go to dance with your partner
• programmed holidays involving walking and movement instead of sedentary holidays
• use a bike room while watching television